Here’s the plan for the next 4 weeks

Week 1

The first week involves testing our audience & message. The ads run at a minimal budget and our goal is to validate our approach. If our approach is validated which happens after 500-8000 ad impressions, we will start to scale the ads.

Otherwise, we update the ads, and the cycle repeats.

Week 2

If the previous week was successful, we would have started scaling the ads at a rate of 20-60% every day

This week would give us more results & the picture will start to get clearer from hereon.

We will aim toward 50-100 conversions per ad set per week to optimize the campaign

Depending upon traffic behavior & ads results, it will be clearer what area of the ecosystem we need to work upon.

Week 3

The scaling continues. If the results are exceptional, then we would have exhausted our audience & burned-out our creatives

Depending upon the above factors, we will either change the creative and/or targeting or let the ads run & continue to push for our goal of 50-100 conversions per ad set per week.

Final Week

The final week of the service period is when we discuss the performance of the campaign in the past month & discuss the possibilities of renewal of services while the scaling continues.

If there’s a drop in performance, the creatives and/or targeting is upgraded

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