There are 3 packages

1. Starter
2. Advanced
3. Ultimate

Starter Package
Starter Package includes setup of the campaign (creatives, targeting, copy) only, no management (monitoring, optimisation & scaling)
Price - USD399 (One-Time)
Minimum Contract Period - None
Total URL's - 1
Total Approaches - 1
Minimum Budget: 0 USD
Recommended Budget: Not applicable
Ideal for experienced marketers, people looking to avoid spending a lot on Facebook ads or for people looking to test the service

Advanced Package
Advanced Package includes everything in the Starter Package + A-Z Mangament (monitoring, optimisation & scaling)
Does not include Facebook Pixel implementation or Retargeting campaigns
Price - USD449+10% of Spend (Monthly)
Minimum Contract Period - 1 Month
Total URL's - 1
Total Approaches - 1-3

Ideal for small businesses, low-value items (if not opting for Retargeting), low friction lead generation and people looking to promote their Facebook pages or posts

Ultimate Package
Ultimate Package includes everything in the Advanced Package + Retargeting + Pixel Implementation + Visual Reports + Phone Support + Priority Support
Price - USD998+10% of Spend (Monthly)
Minimum Contract Period - 1 Month
Total URL's - As many required for successful implementation of the project
Total Approaches - As required by the campaign
Minimum Budget: 2000 USD
Recommended Budget: 50-100 * CPA per week (Reasoning here)
Ideal for businesses serious about improving their marketing efforts on Facebook & Instagram

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